Annunciation (Aidi Luce - Maxxi - Roma / maggio 2018)
The project ''Finem Mundi'' aims to experiment and distort the traditional process of lighting a space with the goal of providing a different contribution to the concept of the  correct illumination of a subject. Reading a work means in any case, interpret and transform it. A similar operation passes through its illumination. It is as obvious as essential reminds that frescoes and renaissance paintings have not been under the contemporary LED technology and often we wonder the relation to a subject or a historical artefact in a passive approach with the right (and main) objective to  illuminate it as best we can.

It is reiterated this concept because if we were to follow a strict philological approach, we would have used only natural light produced by architecture as ''locus lucem'' or the use of oil lamps or contemporary torches. The modern technology have opened the issue about the light from a technical point of view in reproducing a more natural spectrum (or solar) without the extremes of the dominant chromatic and avoiding aberrations, the insidious dispersions and the possible damages of the electrical lighting of the previous generation. In this research, the light does not reveal itself as a natural or neutral element, but as a misleading symptom, mistake, error that belongs to the potential of the image and so of the truth.

church of the dead - accumulation of light / space / surface
algorithmic calculation of accumulations of light - experimental set up with lighting engineering in collaboration with Lucenova

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