on the left the work of Funi and on the right the photograph of Balocco replacing it
Memory on departure of Achille Funi's work

A guy in a painting looks to the left, toward the past, then he leaves for Helsinki, a country in which probably has never been even its author Achille Funi. I was called by the Museum Director to witness this departure and to fill the empty physical energy of this absence. For the friend absent: these are the words and thoughts recalled. A moment of life, an unexpected juncture, a moment in which someone leaves us for a short period of time or forever.

Now we play the roles of the time: we feels its weight, we measure its presence, we commemorate the moments we shared. Just like that, through the distance, we perceive the beauty agonizing of the void the separation that causes new point of views and perhaps the void brings us closer to that higher dimension that allows us to understand and love without owning. Love is like letting go. However, in the experience of separation and of distance, sometimes as dramatic as those of abandonment, we need to create a mask, an interpreter, a mediator or an idol who takes the responsibility for the choices and thus the shape of void. When I was asked to think about a work that could replace the guy that from there in a few days would be leaving soon to Helsinki, I thought  of a friend that would have been absent. The old childhood memories resurfaced when children play with imaginary friends, creating their first sentimental relationship with things that destroy, disassemble and rebuilding in a personal worlds or sometimes identify them into bodies dolls. The distance creates a void which welcomes the thought and in turn comes from the word.

The words host our concerns and they need to be contained in a form to find the connection with the present. It's here that the doll goes on stage and changes the setting and the viewpoint. There are many hints to the true and false. In this work the photography reproduces a copy of the painting and its false, but the ''game'' is revealed.  Where the works on loan are replaced by a photo that reproduces the false copy (misleading); here the false plays its role and through its exception becomes another towards the fake image to produce a new ''truth''.  That boy who looked at the past, now is watching us without eyes through a body of a doll (fake body), dropped into the present : here and now of the separation which tells the expectation of the future.
It's the illusion of being able to perform an act of substitution which we understand that nothing is replicable, but everything is replaceable and falsifiable. Where nothing lives for itself as a separate identity, we live the separation as a timeless journey and we attribute to the things the power to reclaim their own anachronistic dimension.

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