The National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rome hosts the artist Gianluca Balocco in the project ANIMATIME, with a performance called ''the honor to make the plant life''. Gianluca Balocco pursues – on the sharp and indissoluble connection between the power of the man and the vegetal one- on 13th May 2017 at 6.00 p.m we have seen the suspension of an oak of 6 meters, alive and with exposed roots which remained suspended on the National Gallery Facade for two days.
The work has been combined by a Gianluca Balocco's performance and by a concert of Gong and Andrea Tosi's Tibetan bells; it ended with a dialogue introduced by Annarosa Buttarelli among the anthtropologist Maurizio Gnerre and Gianluca Balocco. Later the suspended oak was buried in the garden Aldrovandi of GNAM. The ''Honor to make the plant life'' is part of the project ANIMATIME conceived and curated by Cristiana Collu and Annarosa Buttarelli.  This is a series of meetings, roundtables, presentations of books, discussions and concerts that express a new idea of time, declined in all the arts. For these meetings are called important names of literature, philosophy and musical artists that, with topical issues, work on disconnected time. At the same time – and consisted with the theme of ANIMATIME – Gianluca Balocco introduces ''The Anachronism of the Shaman Power''; photographic installation in which the artist presents a series of photograohic works dedicated to Andean Shamans and to their anachronistic ceremonies. The work is composed of a site-specific arranged on two walls, which include ten photographic composit and two plants of tillantia; reproducing the western economic power symbol, cosmic of Curanderos Andes and their shaman power. The word ''Shaman'' comes from the Tungusic language that has its origin in the center of Asia. The shamanism cannot be explained by sociology and anthropology, but rather through its historical ethnology: a shaman is a person who is chosen by the spirits that later take over his life. So the Shaman can't escape one's destiny and cannot choose to walk along a different path or a different career. This anachronistic vision of the history of knowledge, of control of human events and the world that investigates on ancestral relationship where magic and power are not typical male symbols, but elements of wisdom, prudence, humility and respect that mark out the female dimension linked to the Pachamama.  ''In the photographic installation – Francesca Bacci claims in the critical text that accompanies the exhibition- the artist creates a precise iconology of healing. The portraits of the Andean Shamans are constructed for our visual language, so to bring us closer to a point of origin that at upon a time they belonged. They are women of the skillful hands-bridge who constantly look for the point of contact with another shore- or better, they offer it".
video della performance in Galleria Nazionale Roma (Gianluca Balocco e Andrea Tosi per il Gong

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