My  research

My artistic research, produced through the device of photography, has been concerning in several ways a recurring theme: photography as a ''thinking object''. I've been considering the picture images as the outcome of a thought that lies within a timeless time that develops into picture/icon/painting/mind. Based on this assumption I put on the same level all the pictures, whether they derives from a photo shoot or they are the effect of a copy of other images.
Photography can turn every shot into a thinking object like an independent life provided with its own time.
The subjects of my works become in this scientific/ alchemical context, the main pieces of an artistic experiment. All the covered  topics are linked to new types of consciousness which pass through cultural anthropology, ecology, technology up to plant neurobiology and psychoanalysis.
The aspect who originates photographic images that becomes thinking-object; often turns out to be  anachronistic and dystopic. Precisely for this reason I consider photography as a method (way) to think or as a medium to rouse the reality (life, existence). I worked by subtraction removing from the experimental context all other possibilities or way out. I prefer the dynamic participation of group whom focus on ''make it happen''' all the things at any given time inside an unique background. Painting shows as every side (part) and element have not only importance, but even a specific role in keeping with the context. And out of the context each element would lose their own meaning. In Photography, however, knowledge interferes with reality, creating new visions and forms of consciousness that manifest themselves in unexpected dimensions.​​​​​​​

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